Knight Cats 2: Hidden Objects

Play the hidden object game, solve puzzles, find lost items and enjoy the quest adventure! Find out what surprise Catstown and the pirate fleet have in store for Shavan? ________________________________________________________________________ Will you manage to uncover the mysteries of Knight Cats: Waves on the Water? Immerse yourself in a quest adventure, find all hidden objects and solve puzzles. Explore unusual locations and learn all secrets of the missing cat who investigates a smuggling case. Cat Shavan from the Catstown Guards will have to carry out a special assignment - find the cat Nika Monroe. Nika was investigating smuggling and suddenly went missing. Shavan will have to find and release the kidnapped cat and capture the pirate ship together with her in this quest adventure. HELP SHAVAN FIND NIKA AND UNDERSTAND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WITH THE CATSTOWN AGENT. There are weird rumors in the town that Nika escaped with the pirates for the sake of the freedom she could not get here. Could it be that a talented sailor got tired of waiting? Or is it all the enemies’ intrigues? HOW ARE THE TOWN SMUGGLERS RELATED TO THE SEA PIRATES? Play puzzles and complete fun mini-games to prove that no secret can stay hidden from sharp and persistent Shavan. An exciting plot that will be enjoyed by fans of quest adventure games! FIND OUT IF YOU CAN MAKE IT OUT ALIVE FROM THE PIRATES! Complete engaging hidden object scenes and feel the thrill caused by the unexpected plot twists. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO NIKA MONROE ON THE ISLAND OF THE MAOS CATS DURING THE REBELLION IN THE BONUS CHAPTER! Play as Nika and enjoy the bonuses of Collector’s Edition! Earn a variety of unique achievements! Tons of collectibles and puzzle pieces to find! Knight Cats: Waves on the Water is a hidden objects game where you need to seek and find missing objects like Sherlock. Find cat Nika, capture a pirate ship and solve the mystery and puzzles. Enjoy replayable HOPs, mini-games and exclusive сontent in this quest adventure game! Zoom in on the scenes to find items, and use hints if you get stuck. Discover more from Elephant Games! Elephant Games is a casual game developer. Check out our game library at: Join us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:


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